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transmission clutch friction plate. driven plate. transmission clutch friction disc.

4 Speed Automatic 4R75E Livonia - Steel - 2WD.
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  • 4 Speed Automatic 4R75E Livonia - Steel - 2WD.
  • A rotating circular metal plate splined to the transmission input shaft that's covered with friction material on both sides. The disc is located between the engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate, and is clamped tightly between these two members when the clutch is engaged. With 4 Speed Automatic Transmission AODEwith 4R70E with TSS or 4 Speed Automatic Transmission AODEwith 4R75E with TSS or 4R70/4R75 with E 4 Speed Transmission.

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    If any part of your clutch has failed, its usually a good idea to replace the parts as an assembly. Since the majority of the labor involved is removing the transmission, it makes good economic sense to replace the clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and throwout bearing-and in some cases, the flywheel-at the same time. These parts are usually sold as a kit. If the clutch in your Ford is slipping or noisy, our technicians are fully qualified to perform a clutch service.
    Package Quantity:  3
    Weight:  0.77  lbs
    Dimensions:  7.66 L x 7.5 W x 0.56 H in

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